Friday, September 03, 2010


Penny doesn't show up too often on the blog. She likes to fly under the radar. This by no means she is not doing incredible things, she just doesn't always demand attention. She is having an amazing start to the year. She has decided to really make a strong effort at her school work. She has worked, head down all week without help or needing to be reminded. She has also joined the school softball team, which is a great outlet for her. She is definitely the bravest at trying new things. The teams first game was yesterday, they lost 12 to 8, but gave it a great effort.

Also forgot to show some of the atomic red carrots we're growing. Very cool.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

here come the peppers

The garden has done remarkably well this year, besides the tomatoes which all have grown to the size of a grape, which would be fine if they were "grape" tomatoes, but they're not. The peppers however have done incredibly and continue to grow. We began drying some cayenne's, they are hanging all over the kitchen, and the jalapeno's need to be smoked and frozen for chipotle peppers or pickled and canned for the winter. Of course we will use many for fresh things as well.