Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My head is getting above water, or I am learning how to cope with the crazy schedule that is my life. While I have been away from the blog, our family has inherited a hive of honey bees, I have been pulled out of guitar retirement and have been playing for numerous people around town (chops are beginning to lose the rust), I have been teaching an enrichment to Abby's third grade class in comic drawing and story telling - very fun - a lot more work than expected. Crystal is continuing to work a crazy schedule between her clients and her volunteer work and I am trying to not let the studio consume everything. Painting and writing have taken a back seat lately, balance, balance, balance. Penny is playing basketball for her school and becoming quite good, Paige is doing well with her classes and her anxiety has become an after thought most of the time, and Abby is as always Abby who keeps our lives exciting and unpredictable.

More to come...