Tuesday, August 31, 2010

better day

A much better day today. Thinking we just need to be mindful of the potential for flare-ups, but the girl has really grown and learned how to handle things.

Monday, August 30, 2010

signs of the past

This morning brought back a bit of the dreaded morning anxiety that we have not seen so so long. Paige has been doing so amazing with her school and schedule and everything else in her life, it's easy to forget where we were, and how far she's come.

Her day had to be deviated a little this morning so she could do an assessment for her french class. Just this little thing was enough to set some of the old habits in motion. The positive side to all of this, is that she didn't have a melt down, she got it together and made it to school without issue. The scary part was, there were signs of how it used to be, Crystal and I would be the only ones who could have picked up on them, but they were there, just under the surface.

The bottom line is that the anxiety is still there, and we can't forget that. I am proud of her for getting it together, but I can't assume that it is always going to be easy.