Tuesday, July 28, 2009

update to my world

Things have been crazy as of late - shocking, I know. I have been very busy with my "career move" of excepting this VP position. It is making me really evaluate my life and what is important to me. Since my move, my creativity basically went into hibernation. It is difficult to be creative when you are faced with constant financial reviews, executive meetings and strategy sessions. Through all this, I have realized that if I am not being creative, I am miserable. If I am miserable, my family probably is too.

So, I have started writing again. I am finally actively looking for a publisher for my Mabel and Bear story. I have sat on it for far too long, honestly because I fear rejection. This is stupid, because I face rejection everyday in my job, but this is much more personnel. In any case, the shopping around and rejection letter process shall begin.

In other news, Paige has started her high school career, a bit rocky but she is pushing through it. Penny continues to do Penny like things. Generally being happy and finding the world an amazing place. Abby is Abby. Hopefully she will use all of her powers for good.

In our house Monday night has become poetry night. We have stacks of poetry books and everyone takes a turn ready one. We are also encouraged to write our own. Here is one of mine from a few weeks ago.

The animals have escaped from their books.
Boars and bears have crawled down from the shelves,
and are taking up residence in the corners of the room.
The giraffes have headed into the garden,
and the birds have flown away.
The books have been trampled and torn. Monkeys are pulling out their pages,
feeding them to the hippo behind the couch,
who eats them greedily, chomping and smacking.
The stories will never be the same without the animals to fill their pages.
Just bits of color and broken text.


Monday, July 20, 2009

tis the season

Spent all day yesterday in the garden doing things I should have done weeks ago. It felt really good to get out there and have some solace. The garden is doing amazingly well. We have had two bad years in a row, so this is especially nice.

After some really stressful weeks, which this one is shaping up to be no different, I am trying to keep things in perspective. Everything works out in the end. Always positive.

Monday, July 06, 2009

back from the weekend

I took the weekend off from everything work related. Very needed, although I did not get the reading done that I should have.

We had a wonderful 4th. Many friends turned out and seemed to enjoy themselves. They particularly liked the Sugar Fairies cake they had prepared. The food coloring was a bit pastel, not so red, white and blue, but it worked.

For Sunday, we spent the day at the arts festival here in Denver, which is always nice. The weather was beautiful, and it was the first time I remember it not being blazingly hot and miserable. The girls had a lot of fun, and the oldest showed no sign of anxiety for such a large crowd. Two years ago, she had such a panic attack at the festival that we had to leave. This was much nicer.

Preparing for a trip to San Francisco tomorrow. I still don't have any travel arrangements, waiting for the information to come - this drives me crazy. I'm not the best at relaxing and letting things run their course.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

sugar fairies

The two oldest girls have decided to go into business together. They're goal is to make sweets and sell them. They are still in some of the trial stages, but their product tastes pretty good. The name of their company is, the Sugar Fairies. Makes quite a bit of sense.

Penny is responsible for the cake & baking parts, while Paige is handling the candy, fondant sort of things.

A few nights ago they experimented with fudge and fresh strawberries. It turned out quite nice. They are planning on making samples for our 4th of July party and passing them out to our guests. We shall see what happens.